CBD Oil for Dogs

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CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD (cannabidiol) is strengthening its popularity by the day. Many people take it for stress, anxiety, pain, etc. Nowadays, the popularity has reached the point where animals get CBD for various conditions, too. After all, it is derived from a plant and has numerous potential benefits. Dog owners may select from several solutions because the manufacturers offer various CBD treats, oils, etc. Today, weíll find out more about CBD oils for dogs: advantages, dosages, most popular brands & products, etc.

Top 10 advantages of administering CBD oil to your pet

There have been numerous studies on how hemp might help dogs with pain, stress, and other conditions. Yet, itís hard to say that we have enough information just yet. So much more research is required to speak about the real influence CBD has on dogs (or people, to tell the truth). Nevertheless, many have noticed that CBD oil was helpful during:

  1. Constant pains, arthritis;
  2. Anxiety, depression, stress caused by the fear of loud noises, traveling;
  3. Mood issues
  4. Nausea;
  5. The lack of appetite/digestion issues;
  6. Inflammation;
  7. Sleep cycles;
  8. Uncoordinated brain activity and associated muscle movements;
  9. Immune problems;

Many dog owners agree that this oil also improves overall health and performance in dogs. Despite numerous potential benefits itís not guaranteed that your pet will experience them all. It explains why the question of safety often appears, too.

CBD Oil Benefits

The safety aspect you shouldnít neglect

Every pet owner who just saw over 10 advantages has probably begun to think about the potential drawbacks to the miraculous oil. Surely, such products havenít been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, how can one know itís safe to administer? To be honest, itís impossible. The lack of tests and proof raises suspicions. This is why itís essential to consult a veterinarian first. A professional can examine your pet and help choose the right formula, dosage, etc.


One may achieve the best results only when consulting with a specialist and selecting the proper dosage for the pet. As a rule, the dose relies on the dogís weight. Consequently, the heavier it is, the more milligrams youíll have to give. Small-breed dogs that weigh about 10 pounds will only need 2 milligrams. However, big dogs (like 80 pounds) required 16 milligrams. Most companies offer their tables with the dosages that also account for oil concentration. A veterinarian can also help set up the regimen and a suitable dosage.

CBD Oil for Pets


The modern market offers numerous options dog owners can choose from. However, they donít only differ by labels and price tags. CBD oil may contain different hemp extracts, too. Just like in CBD for people, CBD for dogs could be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. What does it mean? The first type, full-spectrum, has all extracts from the plant, including THC. However, itís not the most widespread solution due to numerous issues with HTC. The second type, broad-spectrum, contains most plan extracts, except THC. Finally, the purest choice is CBD isolates. This type has CBD only, no other extracts.

Top three things to search for before the purchase

  1. Reliable lab testing is a crucial aspect that proves the products are safe and contain proper ingredients;
  2. Top-quality ingredients are significant for the excellent results because the oil must be organic and come in dog-friendly flavors;
  3. Price tangs must also be fit into a customerís budget. The costs vary depending on many details, but there are top-quality affordable options, too.

Top 3 brands that sell CBD Oil for Dogs

Verified CBD

Verified CBD


  • Extract type Ė CBD Isolate;
  • 500 mg CBD / bottle;
  • 600 drops / bottle;
  • No GMO, gluten-free;
  • Independent lab tested for purity and quality.

This brandís oil could become a wonderful solution for dogs that have joint pains, body aches, poor appetite, and constantly under the weather. This top-quality oil might boost the petís health and performance.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to calculate the dosage and administer Doesnít come in flavors
High-quality ingredients Not enough for large dogs
Itís possible to add this oil to dog food or treats  

ABSC Organics

ABSC Organics


  • Extract type Ė broad-spectrum CBD;
  • 600 mg CBD per bottle;
  • 15 ml in each bottle;
  • American-grown hemp;
  • No GMO, pesticides, or herbicides;
  • Rigorously clinically tested.

This brand sells CBD oils that come in several concentration options. They differ based on the petís weight, too. The main reason why this brand got on the list is the fact that itís the only clinically tested CBD oil for dogs. Top-quality extracts from Colorado organic farms also stand out. The oil has chicken flavoring so that dogs found it to be more appealing.

Pros Cons
Several concentrations to choose from Expensive
Numerous positive reviews Comes only in one flavor
Many major cannabinoids  




  • Extract type Ė CBD Isolate;
  • 300 mg CBD per bottle;
  • 10 mg per 1 ml;
  • American brand;
  • No GMO, Pesticides;
  • Tested in labs.

Medterra is dedicated to delivering the purest CBD isolates. The oil doesnít have HTC and offers a selection of flavors, namely chicken, beef, and unflavored. Medterra also sells 3 concentration levels: 150, 300, and 750 mg. When choosing this company, itís significant to remember that the manufacturer adds Organic MCT Oil (coconut derived) to each blend.

Advantages Disadvantages
3 oil flavors to select from It may not be suitable for reducing physical pain
Affordable price tags  
Easy delivery due to a drop applicator  
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